Montjuic Park 1969 for Grand Prix Legends (GPL)

This race track for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) represents Montjuic Park in 1969. GPL is a racing simulation for the PC that was published in 1998. This track for GPL is a re-worked version of Montjuic Park originally released in 2007. While the track was in the workshop we noticed the layout was not entirely accurate, especially the Stadium jump. This new version has the correct double jump and a narrower approach to the hairpin. The Griego to Vias section is also narrower. As well as layout changes, textures and 3DO objects have been added and upgraded to 2020 standards along with a new AI set. We hope you like our work.

Thanks to

Big thanks to Ginetto who made this update possible. With help from Greg, Paul, Rob, Denis, Remy and Pavel. Also thanks to all of Paul Jackson's original team.


Note 1: Because the track layout has changed this new version installs in a new track folder (montjc69). Note 2: This track uses Type7 32 bit horizon textures. If your install is not configured for 32 bit textures there is a Type3 16 bit option included. Note 3: Options for horizon, track sounds, animated fountains, and program covers are included in the "UNZIP_ME_Options" zip located in the track folder after installation.


Run the track installer and select the path to your GPL installation. Enjoy :) Montjuic Park 1969 team - 2020


After installing the track you find an "UNZIP_ME_Options" zip file in the montjc69 track folder (...\SIERRA\gpl\tracks\montjc69). Unpack the zip in the montjc69 track folder. Then just copy the option files you like into the montjc69 track folder.

Gallery / Screenshots The GPL 1969 F1 Extra Mod was used for screenshots:

Downloads (montjc69)

GPL montjc69 track installer [51.7 MB] GPL montjc69 server version [4.1 MB]

Original track version (montjuic)

Here is the orignial website mirrored by Jani Posta:

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See the GPL Easy Installation Guide:


The Montjuïc circuit is a former street circuit located on the Montjuïc mountain in Barce- lona, Catalonia, Spain. It is regarded as one of the most difficult Formula 1 courses ever. The circuit was also the venue for the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix from 1950 to 1968, and then hosted the event on even-numbered years until 1976. The last Formula One Grand Prix held there in 1975, is notable for both a fatal crash that led to Formula One abando- ning the venue and the only occasion to date that a female driver has scored World Championship points. Montjuïc was like a street track out of your dreams. Faster, more varied and more challen- ging than Monaco, more picturesque as well. The variable character of the counterclockwise course (with one half slow and the other very fast) made setting the cars up correctly a major challenge. The backdrop was one of rich green foliage and flowers of the hill’s parkland Montjuïc Plaqueinterspersed by elegant architecture, with an abundance of domes and spires, most notably in the imposing and opulent Palau Nacional, around which the track circulated. And the rich blue Mediterranean lay beyond all of this. Frank Williams aptly described Montjuïc as “a great circuit for drivers requiring much courage…definitely for men and not for boys.” By 1908 international motorsport was conducted at the Circuit Baix Penedès with the Copa Catalunya. In 1923 the first Great automobile Prize of Spain in the permanent Sitges Terramar circuit was run near Barcelona. In 1932 a race was held on a street circuit with the start in the Montjuïc Park, wooded parkland on a hill above the city's harbour. The course of the 1933 east circuit of that race became the Montjuïc Circuit proper, holding the Penya Rhin Grand Prix. In 1968, Montjuïc was selected as the venue for the Spanish Grand Prix, which had been held at the Jarama circuit in Madrid, with the inaugural Grand Prix being held there on 4 May 1969. The variable character of the anticlockwise course (with one half slow and the other very fast) made setting the cars up correctly a challenge. The 1975 Spanish Grand Prix was marked by tragedy. Many drivers felt that the circuit was unsafe, and two time world champion Emerson Fittipaldi withdrew in protest before the start of the race. On lap 26 the Embassy Hill-Lola car of Rolf Stommelen left the track, killing five people. The race was subsequently stopped before half distance and half points awarded, with Jochen Mass being recorded as the winner. It remained his only GP victory. Lella Lombardi became the first and only female driver to score world championship points, taking 0.5 points for 6th place. Formula One never returned to the circuit after the accident. The circuit of Montjuic was also the scene of the 24 hours of Montjuic, a motorcycle endurance race. Since 1991 the Spanish Grand Prix has been held at the Circuit de Cata- lunya just outside Barcelona. The Formula TT World Championship was held on 13 July 1985. The winner in the F1 class was Joey Dunlop on Honda and in the F2 class Brian Reid on Yamaha. The area where the circuit was located is now part of Anella Olímpica, where many Venues of the 1992 Summer Olympics are now located. In 2004, the city council of Barcelona decided to mark the layout of the old circuit. On 13–14 October 2007 the circuit was used for the Martini Legends, to honour the 75th anniversary of the circuit. Signalling the return of Formula One cars to Montjuïc, Emerson Fittipaldi (re-)appeared in his Lotus 72, and Marc Gené drove a contemporary Ferrari. (Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) (From

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